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Aromatherapy Coach Intensive

The purpose of the course is for you to develop an understanding of the different ways essentials can be utilized when working with clients:

  • first aid

  • pain management

  • detoxification

  • stress management

  • peak performance

  • enhance the quality of life


A major focus of the course is to learn to create your own blends for the above applications.

You will learn seven different blending methods in which to create targeted blends for yourself, your family, and your clients.

Course Information

Course Structure

This self-paced course divided into 10 Modules. Modules are units of instruction that contain lessons, activities, and quizzes. Complete the lessons and activities within the module, and then return to the Home Page to access the next module.

This course is traditionally a 10-week course with one module taking place over a week's time . However, due to the self-paced nature of the course you can complete each module at a time that fits your lifestyle. It is highly suggested that you sit down and set a goal as to when you would like to have each module completed. This will provide you with a series of mini-goals and have an end in sight.

Course Application

The online ACI course is fully online using Canvas, a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) that connects all the digital tools and resources teachers use into one simple place. It is a very intuitive site and novice and practiced users alike can function easily. I have placed tutorials within the course for your use.

Questions by Actual Students with My Responses

Do we have access to the modules for a lifetime or only during the course?

  • As long as I have the course active you will have access.

Do we have to print out the modules?

  • No, it is all digital; however, I do make oils lists, etc. easy to print.

Do any books or tools come with a class?

  • Many digital and printable ideas, no books.

Would I need to have anything available to me during the class?

  • Yes, you will have all it due to your CARE classes, such as Dr. Stewart's chemistry book, etc.

When I sign up and pay for the class, would there be a date I would need to be done by?

  • The max I like to see people go is 20-weeks, but if circumstances change we can allow for more.

I do see it's meant to be a 10 week course and I also see that it can be done on my timetable which is perfect for me.

  • It is rolling enrollment, start when you want, finish when you want. It is all about your life style and program requirements.

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